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Here’s the place where you can get your daily DAP porn fix. Let’s spell this one out for the uninitiated, DAP means double anal penetration and it’s the hottest thing ever. You have all heard of simple double penetration, right? The vids where a chick gets her pussy and asshole fucked simultaneously. These double penetration videos have nothing on DAP porn.
Straight up, no bullshit, there’s nothing hotter than watching a double anal penetration video. Just imagine how loose the asshole must be for this to be possible. There are many different kinds of double anal porn. Some chicks prefer SOLO double anal, i.e. they shove two different toys up their assholes. Some girls like spicing things up, so they get fucked by a cock AND a toy. That’s also double anal. Some chicks and (totally kinky) dudes prefer DAP with two cocks. Well, nothing beats the real deal, right? Two cocks rubbing against each other inside of a warm, pulsating ass… Mmmmmm…
Anyway, just to keep this strictly professional, there’s one more type of porn that we didn’t mention – TAP. That, of course, means triple penetration. Sadly, these types of videos are rare. That what makes/keeps them special. The girls featured in triple penetration videos, they have assholes so loose you can basically park a car there.
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